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Mirror Images

Popular Culture and Education


Diana Silberman-Keller, Zvi Bekerman, Henry A. Giroux and Nicholas C. Burbules

Mirror Images: Popular Culture and Education is the first international and multidisciplinary effort to coalesce knowledge on education and popular culture studied as broad phenomena and not as a collection of case studies. In this volume, popular culture has been thematically treated as it appears in a variety of media, including movies, digital games, advertising, television, popular songs, and the internet. The book considers education in both formal and informal settings, and looks critically at the accepted dichotomy between education and popular culture. It argues that popular culture is capable of educating and that education shares many characteristics with popular culture, and tries to overcome these dichotomous relationships while also trying to clarify the reciprocal effects between the two. The book calls disciplinary and media boundaries into question in an effort to widen the possibility of enlarging the vocabulary and the verbs of all that stays unnamed by what is considered knowledge.
Contents: Diana Silberman-Keller/Zvi Bekerman/Henry A. Giroux/Nicholas C. Burbules: Introduction – Mary M. Dalton: The Hollywood View: Protecting the Status Quo in Schools Onscreen – Gordon Alley-Young: «Try to See this Movie as an Educational Movie About Life Will You»: A Critical Cultural Study of Race and Education in Popular Film – Henry A. Giroux: Militarization, Public Pedagogy, and the Biopolitics of Popular Culture – Zvi Bekerman: Reappraising Critical Perspectives in Popular Culture and Education – Diana Silberman-Keller: Education and Popular Culture: Chiasmatic Reflections in Almodóvar’s Bad Education and Tarantino’s Kill Bill – Gonzalo Frasca: Make a Point and Score Ten Thousands: Learning from Serious Games – Kurt Squire: Critical Education in an Interactive Age – Rebecca Ward Black: Convergence and Divergence, Informal Learning in Online Fanfiction Communities and Formal Writing Pedagogy – Mary Stone Hanley: Close to the Edge: The Poetry of Hip-Hop – Virginia S. Funes: Advertising and Consumerism: A Space for Pedagogical Practice – David Wong/Danah Henriksen: If Ideas were Fashion – Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas: Popular Culture and the Teaching of History: A Critical Reflection.