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Teaching Against Islamophobia


Joe L. Kincheloe, Shirley R. Steinberg and Christopher D. Stonebanks

As corporate and governmental agencies march us towards global conflict, racism, and imperialism, this book contends that teachers must have the tools with which to combat unilateral politicization of Arabic and Muslim peoples. Teaching Against Islamophobia creates a pedagogical space for educators to engage with necessary issues and knowledges regarding the alienation of Islamic culture, religion, knowledge, and peoples.
Edited by a WASP, a Jew, and an Iranian, this book confronts the fears, challenges, and institutional problems facing today’s teachers. Taking its cue from critical pedagogy, this book is a collection of essays by artists, writers, performers, and educators committed to naming the insidious racism and hatred of those who would isolate and vilify Islam.
Contents: Joe L. Kincheloe/Shirley R. Steinberg: Why Teach against Islamophobia: Striking the Empire Back – Christopher D. Stonebanks: The Inescapable Presence of ‘Non-existent’ Islamophobia – Khurrum Mirza/Naved Bakali: Islam: The Fundamentals Every Teacher Should Know – Hassan Ahmad Mian: What Is Islam? A Conversation with the Magisterial Intellectuals of the Past – Shirley R. Steinberg: Islamophobia: The Viewed and the Viewers – Jehanzeb Dar: Holy Islamophobia, Batman! Demonization of Muslims and Arabs in Mainstream American Comic Books – Özlem Sensoy: «Mad Man Hassan Will Buy Your Carpets!»: The Bearded Curricula of Evil Muslims – Michael D. Giardina: Barack Obama, Islamophobia, and the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election Media Spectacle – Preacher Moss: The Undercover Muslim: An African American Perspective on Transitions of Muslim Identity – Samaa Abdurraqib: Faith or Fight: Islam in the African American Community – Younes Mourchid: The Dialectics of Islamophobia and Homophobia in the Lives of Gay Muslims in the United States – Awad Ibrahim: «Yes, My Name is Ibrahim and I Am an Atheist!» Confessing Asrar: Atheism, Arts, Answerability, Imagination and the Muslim You Have Never Known – Habib Siam: Know the Ledge but Don’t Hit the Edge: Building with the God Jahmega Allah – Yassin Alsalman: Pieces of Iman: The Pilgrimage Home – Carolyne Ali-Khan: Common Sense, Uncommon Knowledge and Fighting Words – Anastasia Kamanos Gamelin: Footnotes on Reflective Practice – Fida Sanjakdar: A Frank Intercourse: Combating Islamophobia in Sex Education – Krista Riley: A Bifocal Lens on Islamophobia: Using Young Adult Fiction as a Teaching Tool – Sevak Manjikian: Teaching Islamic Themes at the College Level – Melanie Stonebanks: «How Do You Expect Me to Teach This without Any Resources?»