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The Dynamics of Intergroup Communication


Howard Giles, Scott Reid and Jake Harwood

The Dynamics of Intergroup Communication provides a timely and comprehensive review of work at the intersection of intergroup relations and communication. Chapters written by experts in the field overview current research and present directions for the future. The book is divided into sections addressing specific groups, intergroup communication processes, and core contexts in which intergroup communication occurs. Written in an engaging and accessible manner, and featuring short yet detailed chapters, the book should appeal to scholars looking for a broad overview of this growing area, as well as being appropriate for use as a text in undergraduate and graduate classes.
Contents: Howard Giles/Scott A. Reid/Jake Harwood: Introducing the Dynamics of Intergroup Communication – Maykel Verkuyten: Ethnic Communication and Identity Performance – Pamela Kalbfleisch: Gendered Language as a Dynamic Intergroup Process – Mary Lee Hummert: Age Group Identity, Age Stereotypes, and Communication in a Life Span Context – John Drury: Identity Dynamics in Adolescent-Adult Communication – Howard Giles/Charles W. Choi/Travis L. Dixon: Police-Civilian Encounters – Jason Klocek/Cristina Novoa/Fathali M. Moghaddam: Communication Across Religions – Scott A. Reid/Grace L. Anderson: Language, Social Identity, and Stereotyping – Robbie M. Sutton: The Creative Power of Language in Social Cognition and Intergroup Relations – Richard Clément/Jessica Shulman/Sara Rubenfeld: Bi- and Multilingualism Between Diversity and Globalization – Donald G. Ellis: Democratic Argument and Deliberation Between Ethnopolitically Divided Groups – Paul D. Myers/Michael Stohl: Terrorism, Identity, and Group Boundaries – Lance S. Rintamaki/Dale E. Brashers: Stigma and Intergroup Communication – Stephen Reicher: The Mobilizing of Intergroup Hatred – Jordan Soliz: Family as an Intergroup Domain – Dana Mastro: Intergroup Communication in the Context of Traditional Media – Joseph B. Walther/Caleb T. Carr: Internet Interaction and Intergroup Dynamics – Kim Peters/Thomas Morton/S. Alexander Haslam: Communication Silos and Social Identity Complexity in Organizations – Melinda M. Villagrán/Lisa Sparks: Social Identity and Health Contexts – Paul M. Haridakis: Rival Sports Fans and Intergroup Communication – Donald M. Taylor/Michael King/Esther Usborne: Towards Theoretical Diversity in Intergroup Communication – Scott A. Reid/Jinguang Zhang/Howard Giles/Jake Harwood: An Evolutionary Perspective on Social Identity and Intergroup Communication.