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Truths and Myths of Cyber-bullying

International Perspectives on Stakeholder Responsibility and Children’s Safety


Shaheen Shariff and Andrew H. Churchill

Truths and Myths of Cyber-bullying features the work of internationally reputed researchers and program directors concerned with issues of cyber-bullying and internet safety. The book contains three sections, organizing the content for easy reference and classroom use. The first section introduces readers to the various ways in which researchers conceptualize cyber-bullying; the second provides a comprehensive review of legal considerations and communication rights; and the final section reviews a sampling of intervention programs designed to help build safer communities. Each chapter contributes to dispelling common myths about technology and develops an appreciation of the potential roles and responsibilities of a wide spectrum of stakeholders.
Contents: Colin Lankshear/Michele Knobel: Foreword (or, Beyond ‘Reify, Measure and Treat’) – Shaheen Shariff/Andrew H. Churchill: Appreciating Complexity: Detangling the Web of Stakeholder Influence and Responsibility – Michel Walrave/Wannes Heirman: Towards Understanding the Potential Triggering Features of Technology – Dianne L. Hoff/Sidney N. Mitchell: Gender and Cyber-bullying: How Do We Know What We Know? – Ellen M. Kraft: How Was This Business Model Culpable of Encouraging Harassment on College Campuses? – Dawn Zinga: Boundaries in Cyber-space: Media and Stakeholders as Policy Shapers – Jacqueline A. Stefkovich/Emily R. Crawford/Mark P. Murphy: Legal Issues Related to Cyber-bullying – Patrick D. Pauken: Morse v. Frederick and Cyber-bullying in Schools: The Impact on Freedom of Expression, Disciplinary Authority, and School Leadership – Marc Raboy/Jeremy Shtern: Mediated Speech and Communication Rights: Situating Cyber-bullying within the Emerging Global Internet Governance Regime – Jennifer Masters/Nicola Yelland: Changing Learning Ecologies: Social Media for Cyber-citizens – Gillian Palmer/Juliana Raskauskas: Kia Kaha: Police and Schools Working Together to Eliminate Bullying, a New Zealand Intervention – Will Gardner: Cyber-bullying: A Whole-school Community Approach.