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The Proverbial «Pied Piper»

A Festschrift Volume of Essays in Honor of Wolfgang Mieder on the Occasion of His Sixty-Fifth Birthday

Kevin J. McKenna

With more than one hundred-fifty books and three hundred published articles on proverb studies that have attracted wide attention of folklorists around the world, it is little wonder that international scholars look upon Wolfgang Mieder as the modern-day Pied Piper of paremiology. For this festschrift, some of the world’s leading proverb and folklore scholars have come together to commemorate Mieder’s sixty-fifth birthday. Authors from Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, Israel, and the United States have contributed essays representative of the scope and breadth of Mieder’s own impressive scholarship. The Proverbial «Pied Piper» honors Wolfgang Mieder’s legendary contributions to the study of proverbs and contains new scholarship by some of the best paremiologists in the world.
Contents: Jürgen Kleist: Also Der Mieder – Malcolm Jones: Lively Representing the Proverbs: A Pack of Late Seventeenth-Century English Playing Cards Engraved with Proverb Representations – Jan Brunvand: Zipper Stories – Shirley L. Arora: Crossover Proverbs: A Preliminary Sampling – Robert J. Gordon: «Dirty Words»: Nomenclature Practices and the African Human Genome Project – Kimberly J. Lau: Vox Populi: Parody and Political Proverbs – Andrey Reznikov: From Mochit’ to Koshmarit’: Some Observations about Russian Political Language, 1999-2008 – Peter Grzybek/Christoph Chlosta: Some Essentials on the Popularity of (American) Proverbs – Galit Hasan-Rokem/Pavel Kats: From a Structural Semantic Analysis Towards a Computational Proverb Classification Framework – Gyula Paczolay: The Chinese Sources of Common Far-Eastern Proverbs – Anna T. Litovkina: «The Pun is Mightier than the Sword»: Types of Punning in Anglo-American Anti-proverbs – Péter Barta: Proverbial and Anti-Proverbial Variants of On ne peut pas avoir le beurre et l’argent du beurre – Valerij Mokienko: Современный Тезаурус Русских Пословиц: Принципы И Проблемы (A Modern Thesaurus of Russian Proverbs: Principles and Problems) – Antonella Borra: A Few Remarks on Piedmontese Proverbs – Adriana Borra: Zur Übersetzung italienischer Sprichwörter im PONS Grosswörterbuch Italienisch – Hrisztalina Hrisztova-Gotthardt: Bulgarian Paremiography – Olga V. Trokhimenko: Questioning the Rod: Male Mastery and Female Resistance in Winsbeckin, mgf 474 – Juan Francisco Maura: ‘El llanto en el buen varón, nobleza, coraje y gran corazón’: Un proverbio ausente en la paremiología hispánica – Dennis F. Mahoney: «The Bird and the Fish Can Fall in Love…»: Proverbs and Anti-Proverbs as Variations on the Theme of Racial and Cultural Intermingling in The Time of Our Singing – Helga Schreckenberger: «Mir konnte Niemand mehr Sprichwörter für Worte vormachen»: Otto Grünmandl’s Critique of Proverbial Language in His Novel Das Ministerium für Sprichwörter (1970) – Stéphane Viellard : Proverbes, sentences et pédagogie : Sergej Nikolaevič Glinka et Le Comte F. E. Anhalt – Kevin J. McKenna: Proverbs and the Folk Tale in the Russian Cinema: The Case of Sergei Eisenstein’s Film Classic Aleksandr Nevsky – Wolfgang Mieder: Publication Record (1972-2008).