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Exegesis and Hermeneutics in the Churches of the East

Select Papers from the SBL Meeting in San Diego, 2007

Vahan Hovhanessian

Exegesis and Hermeneutics in the Churches of the East contains the proceedings of the Bible in the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Traditions unit of the Society of Biblical Literature’s (SBL) 2007 meeting in San Diego, California. Biblical professors and scholars from the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox traditions (the latter including Aramaic, Syriac, Armenian, Arabic, Georgian, and Coptic, among others) gathered to engage in critical study of the role of the Bible in eastern Christianity, past and present. The collection of articles in Exegesis and Hermeneutics in the Churches of the East examines the latest scholarly findings in the field of the utilization and interpretation of the Bible in the Christian communities in the East during the first five centuries of Christianity. They offer critical evaluations of the early church’s hermeneutical and exegetical tools and methodologies.
Contents: Paul N. Tarazi: Introduction – Dale Loepp: The Adamic Creation Tradition in the Seventeenth Demonstration of Aphrahat – J. W. Childers: Disciple of Scripture: Character and Exegesis in Aphrahat – Karen S. Winslow: The Exegesis of Exodus by Ephrem the Syrian – Michael C. Legaspi: Hearing the Scriptures with St. Ephrem: Notes on a Non-Western Biblical Interpreter – Bradley Nassif: Antiochene Θεωρία In John Chrysostom’s Exegesis – Matthew W. G. Francis: «Blessed Is the One Who Reads Aloud…». The Book of Revelation in Orthodox Lectionary Traditions – Eugenia Scarvelis Constantinou: Apocalypse Patchwork: Lost Scraps of Ancient Eastern Apocalypse Interpretation Preserved by Andrew of Caesarea – Timothy S. Clark: Ezekiel’s Temple and Mary’s Virginity: A Peculiar Strand in Eastern Orthodox Interpetation of Old Testament Sanctuary Motifs – Erik W. Kolb: Monastic Duty and the Biblical Past: Ascetic Exegesis in Shenoute’s «Abraham Our Father» – Dragos Giulea: Melito, That New Enoch, the Divine Scribe: Typological Interpretation as Revelation of the Divine Mysteries in Peri Pascha – Vahan S. Hovhanessian: A Medieval Armenian Scholion on the Catholic Epistles.