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Unis vers Cythère

Aesthetic-Political Investigations in Polis Thought and the Artful Firm

Josef Chytry

Unis vers Cythère forms a continuation of the ongoing project to disseminate a new faculty of thought called cytherics, which is defined as the sighting and siting of aphrodisian – aesthetic-erotic – environments. The first part of the book proposes «polis thought» as a subdivision within political theory that would encourage attention to the polis element – the openness furnished by the classical polis/city for disputation, rhetoric, performance, ceremony, and the carnivalesque – for political theory and history. The second part develops the concept of the «artful firm», derived from contemporary firm and management theories on «the art firm» and «artful making», to argue for further convergences in related areas of aesthetics and management. Unis vers Cythère begins and ends with essays on the ancient Hellenic twin concepts of «thalassocracy» and «theatrocracy» in their relations to orthodox contemporary theories of political democracy.