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Handbook for Student Law for Higher Education Administrators


James Ottavio Castagnera

The Handbook for Student Law for Higher Education Administrators is a practical tool, intended for administrators dealing with students in higher education, focusing principally on four-year institutions. Addressing the ever-developing relationship between higher education and the law, the book will provide the academic administrator with the means to knowledgably and confidently navigate the many legal threats and challenges facing colleges today. Using examples from real cases and scenarios from different institutions, the handbook provides sample policies, checklists, and advice that administrators can apply to a wide variety of situations, both preventatively and proactively. Also included are relevant 2008-09 amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and each chapter includes a section on the impact of the Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008. The Handbook for Student Law for Higher Education Administrators is a compendium of practical knowledge and guidance, useful for any administrator dealing with the legal minefield that is higher education.
James Ottavio Castagnera, J.D., PhD, has spent more than thirty years practicing, writing about, and teaching law. He is an expert in employment law and policy and is well versed in many areas of higher education law, particularly risk management issues in the industry. He has been a labor lawyer and litigator with a major Philadelphia firm and the general counsel/corporate secretary for what was the largest convenience store chain in New Jersey and for the nation’s number one econometric forecasting organization. He has published nineteen books, as well as some fifty professional/scholarly articles and book chapters. Currently he is legal counsel at New Jersey’s Rider University and managing director of a freelance writing, editing, and consulting firm, K&C Human Resource Enterprises. In 2007 he was an Academic Fellow on Terrorism in Israel under the auspices of the Foundation for Defense of Democracy. His nineteenth book, Counter Terrorism Issues: Case Studies in the Courtroom, was published in 2013.