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The Sexuality Curriculum and Youth Culture


Dennis Carlson and Donyell L. Roseboro

The book aims to change the conversation about sexuality education for adolescents, making it consistent with a democratic cultural politics that is attuned to changes in youth and popular culture. Traditional sex education is nearly obsolete; sexuality curriculum is now primarily learned through popular culture and youth culture, which teach young people what it means to be a man and a woman, gay and straight, white, black, and Latino, rich and poor – and what sexuality has to do with it. Ultimately, this book conceptualizes democratic sexuality education as a commitment to the idea that sexuality education should affirm the right of all young people to construct their own sexual selves and relations as much as possible, so long as they are non-exploitive, consensual, and informed.
Contents: Dennis Carlson/Donyell L. Roseboro: Introduction – Dennis Carlson: Constructing the Adolescent Body: Cultural Studies and Sexuality Education – Sharon Lamb: The Place of Mutuality and Care in Democratic Sexuality Education: Incorporating the Other Person – Tema Okun/C. P. Gause: What’s Love Got to Do with It?: The Imperative of Authentic Desire – Glenn M Hudak: Alone in the Presence of Others: Autistic Sexuality and Intimacy Reconsidered – Kristen Luschen: The Politics of Information: Prevention Education, Individual Choice and the Gendered Politics of Blame – Joe Wegwert: LGBTQ Youth and the Hidden Curriculum of Citizenship Education: A «Day of Silence» in a Suburban High School – Odile Mattiauda: Youth Constructing Meanings of Gender in the Sexuality Education Classroom – Bettina L. Love: Where Are the White Girls?: A Qualitative Analysis of How Six African American Girls Made Meaning of Their Sexuality, Race and Gender through the Lens of Rap – Ajamu A. Banjoko: Adolescent African American Males and Hegemonic Aggressive Masculinity – Vivian Arviso/Shirley Waterhouse/Susie A. John/Gloria Hale/Glojean Todacheene/Janet Slowman-Chee/Dorinda Welle: Building a Navajo Curriculum for Life: Iina – Pamela K. Smith: The Prom as a Spectacle of Heteronormativity – Leslee Grey: Sexuality Education: Lessons from Drag Kings – Henry A. Giroux: Teenage Sexuality, Body Politics, and the Pedagogy of Display – Shirley Steinberg: The Celluloid Sexuality Curriculum: Deconstructing Teen Films – Elizabeth J. Meyer: She’s the Man: Deconstructing the Gender and Sexuality Curriculum at «Hollywood High» – Stephanie Troutman: The Cautionary Whale, Viking, Vessel, Planet or Saint? Adolescence and Maternal Configuration in Juno and Beyond – Carol Siegel: The Twilight of Sexual Liberation: Undead Abstinence Ideology – Greg Dimitriadis: Coming Back to the Text Again: Leslie Fiedler on Popular Culture, Sexuality, and Pedagogy – Nicole Aydt Klein/Linda J. Markowitz/Laurel Puchner/Jill Kirsten Anderson: Undressing the Hidden Curriculum: Sexuality Education and Middle School Literature – Regina Rahimi/Deloris D. Liston: Teachers’ Perceptions of Adolescent Sexuality: Hip Hop and BET vs. Mayberry and the Moral Majority – Kathalene A. Razzano: Breaking through the Baby-Mama Drama – Donyell L. Roseboro: Hip Hop, Sexuality, and Online Magazines – Joshua Garrison: The Self-Porning of American Youth.