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Understanding Foreign Correspondence

A Euro-American Perspective of Concepts, Methodologies, and Theories

Peter Gross and Gerd G. Kopper

There are as many as 3,400 correspondents covering the United States, among them approximately 600 print and broadcast correspondents from European countries. The importance of the foreign correspondents corps stationed in the United States and of their work has increased commensurate with the world preeminence gained by the U.S. after World War II.
This book examines the state of research on European foreign correspondence from the United States and on the corps of journalists that produces it. Contributions from both European and American authors examine the varied conceptual issues regarding foreign correspondence, the methodologies that have been employed in studies carried out on both sides of the Atlantic, and the theories that were and could be tested when studying the subject.
The book serves as a prolegomena to future studies on foreign correspondence and correspondents.
Contents: Peter W. Gross/Gerd G. Kopper: Preface – Peter Gross: The Starting Point: Studies on European Foreign Correspondents and Correspondence – Charles C. Self: Theoretical Perspectives and Research Methods in Studies of Foreign Correspondence – Gerd G. Kopper/Benjamin J. Bates: Political Economy of Foreign Correspondents – Ralph Beliveau/Julia Lönnendonker: Foreign Correspondents and Ethnography: Research Practices, Methods, and Texts – Peter J. Gade/Dave Ferman: Theoretical Frameworks Guiding the Study of International News: Gatekeeping, Agenda Setting and Framing – Meta G. Carstarphen/Mihai Coman: Foreign Correspondents: Necessary Mythmakers – Ralph Beliveau/Oliver Hahn/Guido Ipsen: Foreign Correspondents as Mediators and Translators Between Cultures: Perspectives From Intercultural Communication Research in Anthropology, Semiotics, and Cultural Studies – Katerina Tsetsura/David Craig/Olivier Baisnée: Professional Values, Ethics, and Norms of Foreign Correspondents – Rolland Schroeder/Jim Stovall: The Impact of the Internet on Foreign Correspondents’ Work Routines.