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Reading African American Experiences in the Obama Era

Theory, Advocacy, Activism- With a foreword by Marc Lamont Hill and an afterword by Zeus Leonardo


Ebony Elizabeth Thomas and Shanesha R.F. Brooks-Tatum

What does it mean to be Black in the Obama era? In Reading African American Experiences in the Obama Era, young African American scholars and researchers and experienced community activists demonstrate how to encourage dialogue across curricula, disciplines, and communities with emphases on education, new media, and popular culture. Considering what this historic moment means for Black life, letters, and learning, this accessible yet scholarly volume encourages movement toward thoughtful analysis today.
Contents: Marc Lamont Hill: Foreword. Oppositional Intellectual Work in the Obama Era – Shanesha R. F. Brooks-Tatum/Ebony Elizabeth Thomas: Introduction. Reading African American Experiences in the Obama Era – Shawn Anthony Christian: The (New?) «Rap on Race». Historicizing Calls for Racial Dialogue in the Early Years of Barack Obama’s Presidency – Ebony Elizabeth Thomas: The Next Chapter of Our Story. Rethinking African American Metanarratives in Schooling and Society – Kafi Damali Kumasi: Double Consciousness. The Context and Consequences of Black Racial Identity in the Obama Era – Jane Bean-Folkes: Schools of Hope. Teaching Literacy in the Obama Era – Alfred W. DeFreece, Jr.: Where Do We Go from … Where? Identifying the Ideological Bases of Low-Income, Urban Black Adolescents’ Views on Racism – Shanesha R. F. Brooks-Tatum: Transformative Educational Spaces. Black Youth and Education in the 21st Century – Karen Keaton Jackson: The Obama Effect. Using a Culturally Relevant Pedagogy at a Historically African American University – Zandra L. Jordan: The Evidence of Things Not Seen. Faith and Persuasion in the Obama Era – Jamal R. Burke: Hip-Hop’s President. The Genre, His Genius, Our Generation – Kya Mangrum: «As If the Walls Could Speak». Imagining Postmemories of U.S. Slavery in the Age of Obama – Gregory L. Caldwell/Keisha L. Green: African Americans and the U.S. Prison-Industrial Complex – Nutrena Watts Tate/Jonnie Perryman Hamilton: Taking the Pulse of Our Communities. The State of Black Public Health in the Obama Era – Gloria B. Mills/Marcelle M. Haddix: Black Love as Activism. Restoring Our Families and Communities.