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Pre-Crisis Planning, Communication, and Management

Preparing for the Inevitable

Bolanie Olaniran, David E. Williams and Timothy W. Coombs

Public relations experts and crisis management personnel have done an excellent job over the years of drawing attention to the grand scope of risks associated with crisis. Particularly in the present challenging economic conditions, organizations have become aware of the costs of crises and are willing to put forth effort and resources in crisis prevention. In this book, the editors and contributors offer significant insight into the critical considerations of crisis preparation as well as the importance of anticipation and pre-crisis planning.
Pre-crisis planning has been a part of crisis management ever since scholars and practitioners began researching it. This book presents some of the most detailed and thorough insights published to date and serves as an example of where future research can go.
Contents: Robert S. Littlefield: Foreword – Bolanle A. Olaniran/David E. Williams: Introduction – Bolanle A. Olaniran/David E. Williams: The Need for an Anticipatory Perspective in Crisis Communication – Tony Jaques: Issue Management as a Strategic Aspect of Crisis Prevention – Jesper Falkheimer/Mats Heide: Participatory Pre-crisis and Crisis Communication: A Conceptual Approach – Shannon A. Bowen: The Ethical Challenges of Pre-crisis Communication – Robert C. Chandler: Recognizing, Anticipating, and Preventing Ethical Misconduct Disasters – Robert Heath/Judy Sultan: Pre-crisis Management and Communication: Slippery Steps or Solid Footing? – Yan Jin/Augustine Pang/Glen T. Cameron: Pre-Crisis Threat Assessment: A Cognitive Appraisal Approach – Michael J. Palenchar/Karen Freberg: Emergency Management Planning: Risk, Crises, Issues, and Social Media – Luana Sok-Yee Low/Venetia Tzi-Wei Chung/Augustine Pang: Efficacy of Crisis Management Plans: Toward a Revised Synthesis Model in Managing Crises – Shari R. Veil/Clara Mitcham/Timothy L. Sellnow: Lost in Translation: How Emergency Managers Communicate Preparedness with Vulnerable Populations – Bolanle A. Olaniran/David E. Williams: A Multicultural Perspective on Crisis Management: Shell and the Ogoni People of Nigeria – Lan Ni/Jennifer Vardeman-Winter: China: Growing Economy and Growing Crisis Potential – Damion Waymer: Crisis Management and Communication: Pre-crisis Preparation That Is Sensitive to Diverse Populations – David E. Williams/Bolanle A. Olaniran: Racially Oriented Crises: A Unique Challenge to Crisis Preparation – Bolanle A. Olaniran/David E. Williams: Conclusion.