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Between Worlds

An Anthology of Contemporary Fiction and Criticism

Deborah Poe and Ama Wattley

Between Worlds: An Anthology of Contemporary Fiction and Criticism offers excerpts from novels and short stories by some of the most important and established contemporary writers: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Rebecca Brown, Ana Castillo, Michelle Cliff, Edwige Danticat, Rikki Ducornet, Louise Erdrich, Maxine Hong Kingston, Ha Jin, and Helena María Viramontes. Readers interested in one or more of these authors, and scholars interested in multicultural and transnational literatures, have the opportunity to look more deeply at cultural identity with regard to home, belonging, freedom, history, and memory because the characters embody the hybrid selves that are part and parcel of an often-conflicting world of cultural codes. Migrations, dislocations, displacements, exiles, and relocations are ever more frequently embodied in the world and, thus, through literature. Increased globalization has brought with it greater cultural hybridity and experiential interrogations of singular identity and accepted norms. The characters in Between Worlds embody the increasing number of individuals «between worlds.» Characters move between countries, between cultures, between languages, and across borders. The literary works included in this anthology, like the human beings and experiences conveyed in these works, cross and re-cross geographical and cultural borders. Close readings of the fiction writers by four contemporary scholars, Catherine Rainwater, Alwin Jones, Belinda Kong, and Lynne Diamond-Nigh, also press readers to examine identity politics, narrowly rendered social or political ideologies, the American Dream, and senses of rootedness or rootlessness on which survival may rely.
Contents: Alwin A. D. Jones: The Novel Witness(es): Re-membering after Trauma in Adichie’s «Ghosts,» Cliffʼs No Telephone, and Danticatʼs Farming of Bones – Lynn Diamond-Nigh: Spatial and Temporal Considerations in Rebecca Brown’s The Haunted House and Rikki Ducornet’s Phosphor in Dreamland – Catherine Rainwater: Tears and Dry Howls: Grief and Displacement in Three Novels by Erdrich, Castillo, and Viramontes – Belinda Kong: Diasporic Exceptionality: Maxine Hong Kingston’s «The Brother in Vietnam» and Ha Jin’s «A Good Fall».