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History of American Higher Education


Margaret Cain McCarthy

History of American Higher Education documents the fascinating evolution of American colleges and universities, touching on the historical events that shaped them, from the colonial era through the early twenty-first century. Throughout history, higher education has played an important role in the transmission of cultural identity from one generation to the next. This book outlines how, as the colonists transitioned from English rule to independence, a unique American culture began to develop and institutions of higher education evolved to prepare leaders with the intellectual and practical skills necessary to build a nation. Eventually, faith in science created an expansive knowledge industry, and the notion that an educated citizenry was required for an effective democracy expanded and diversified educational opportunities. Complete with a bibliography, this primer is an excellent and comprehensive source of information on the history and organization of higher education in the United States.

Overview of Higher Education in the United States – Colonial and Early American Colleges, 1636–1800 – Growth and Change, 1800–1900 – Expansion of Higher Education, 1900–1960 – Access and Choice, 1960–the 21st Century – References and Resources – Complete Glossary – Index.