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Religion and Communication

An Anthology of Extensions in Theory, Research, and Method

Stephen M Croucher and Tina M. Harris

In this anthology, prominent scholars in the field examine the relationship between religion and communication. Essays discuss the topic from various theoretical, methodological, and communication approaches including health communication, interpersonal communication, intercultural/interracial communication, organizational communication, rhetoric, and media studies. The cutting-edge research gathered here investigates religious ideologies and the role religious beliefs play in public life around the world. The book highlights the extent to which national and international events continue to propel religion into our public discourse, illuminating its critical role in how individuals and institutions see themselves and others. The scope, depth, and richness of the research presented here is critical, in this area of evolving scholarship, to understanding the centrality of religious beliefs and values to the ways we make sense of the world and our experiences in it.
Contents: Stephen M. Croucher/Tina M. Harris: Introduction – Lori Pindar/Karyn Ogata Jones: Understanding the Roles of Religion, Faith, and Communication in Managing Disability: Lessons Learned, Opportunities and Needs for Further Research – Stephen M. Croucher/Sandra L. Faulkner/Anthony T. Spencer/Bridget Long: A Comparative Analysis of the Relationship between Religion and Self-Disclosure in the US and India – Timothy W. Ross/Lisa N. Small: Relating to God through Interpersonal Communication Rituals – Jillian A. Tullis/Shawn D. Long: Intersecting Religion and Organizational Communication: A Communication Grounded Typology – Stephen M. Croucher/Ramune Braziunaite/Deepa Oommen: The Effects of Religiousness and Religious Identification on Organizational Dissent – Tina M. Harris/Sarah DeTurk: Promoting Interracial Communication within Religious Institutions – Nicole Ebgert/S. Roxanne Hall: Health Communication and Religion – Tina M. Harris/Timothy R. Worley: Deconstructing Lay Epistemologies of Religion within Health Communication Research – Troya Clark/Lee Davis/Lacey Kerfoot/Bailey Cordero/Ann Miller: A Systematic Review of Health Communication Regarding HIV/AIDS and Religion/Spirituality – Mark P. Orbe/R. Rennae Elliott: Race, Religion, and Contemporary U.S. Culture: A Semiotic Analysis of Mass Mediated Signifiers – Dini Homsey: Being a Christian Lebanese-American: The Intersection of Religion, Community, and Family as Influences on Ethnic Identity – Eric M. Kramer: Addressing the Grand Omission: A Brief Explanation of the Pragmatics of Intercultural Communication in Terms of Spiritual Systems - A Taxonomic Approach – James P. Dimock/Daniel Cronn-Mills/Jansen B. Werner: Not of the World: The Jehovah’s Witnesses and «Saluting a Flag» – Thomas M. Lessl: Science and Religion: A Rhetorical Perspective – Ellen W. Gorsevski: The Post 9/11 Rhetoric of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida: Promoting Christianity’s Global Cultural Hegemony – Jennifer F. Wood/Patrick L. Stearns: Current Literature on Media and Religion: A Referential Advocacy for Religious Media Literacy.