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Teacher Leadership

The «New» Foundations of Teacher Education- A Reader


Eleanor Blair Hilty

Over the past two decades, numerous textbooks have been published on teacher leadership; however, this is the only volume that provides a definitive overview of the scholarship and writing being done in the field of teacher leadership. This book introduces the reader to the scholarship of over 35 authors, and thus, becomes an essential tool needed to guide any meaningful discussion of the changing roles and responsibilities of teachers. As an important component of revisioned teacher education programs and most current state standards for teacher licensure, teacher leadership is emerging as a central theme in all foundations of education classes. This book acknowledges the important role of teacher leadership in the reform of schools and discusses teacher leadership within the context of teachers’ work. Organized around six key topics, the book explores the many facets of teacher leadership and examines the impact of teacher leadership on school culture, student learning, professional learning communities and 21st century schools. Additional references and website links are also provided. Teacher Leadership: The «New» Foundations of Teacher Education – A Reader is intended for undergraduate and graduate education students.
Contents: David Gabbard: Foreword – Eleanor Blair Hilty: Introduction – Marilyn Katzenmeyer/Gayle Moller: Understanding Teacher Leadership – Roland S. Barth: Teacher Leader – Linda Lambert: What Does Leadership Capacity Really Mean? – Phillip C. Schlechty: On the Frontier of School Reform with Trailblazers, Pioneers, and Settlers – Monica Coyle: Teacher Leadership vs. School Management: Flatten the Hierarchies – Kent D. Peterson/Terrence E. Deal: How Leaders Influence the Culture of Schools – Linda Searby/Lisa Shaddix: Growing Teacher Leaders in a Culture of Excellence – Marjorie F. Heller/William A. Firestone: Heroes, Teams, and Teachers: A Study of Leadership for Change – Institute for Educational Leadership, Inc.: Leadership for Student Learning: Redefining the Teacher as Leader – Ann Lieberman: Teachers, Learners, Leaders – Sherry Willis: Teacher Leadership: Alive and Thriving at the Elementary Level – Institute for Educational Leadership, Inc.: Teacher Leadership in High Schools: How Principals Encourage It, How Teachers Practice It – Sharon Conley/Donna E. Muncey: Teachers Talk About Teaming and Leadership in Their Work – Joseph Kahne/Joel Westheimer: A Pedagogy of Collective Action and Reflection: Preparing Teachers for Collective School Leadership – Richard DuFour: Professional Learning Communities: A Bandwagon, an Idea Worth Considering or Our Best Hope for High Levels of Learning? – Ann S. Allen/Kathleen Topolka-Jorissen: Teacher Leadership Continuum: How Principals Develop and Support Teacher Leaders – Terry K. Dozier: Turning Good Teachers into Great Leaders – Meena Wilson: The Search for Teacher Leaders – Mary Jean Ronan Herzog/Emily Brumley Abernathy: Inch by Inch, Row by Row: Growing Capacity for Teacher Leadership – Nelda Cambron-McCabe/Martha M. McCarthy: Educating School Leaders for Social Justice – Susan Moore Johnson/Morgaen L. Donaldson: Overcoming the Obstacles to Leadership – Julie A. Sherrill: Preparing Teachers for Leadership Roles in the 21st Century – Pamela S. Angelle: Teachers as Leaders: Collaborative Leadership for Learning Communities – Michele Acker-Hocevar/Debra Touchton: A Model of Power as Social Relationships: Teacher Leaders Describe the Phenomena of Effective Agency in Practice – Mark A. Smylie/Sharon Conley/Helen M. Marks: Exploring New Approaches to Teacher Leadership for School Improvement – Eleanor Blair Hilty: Conclusion: «Leading Against the Grain»: Redefining Teacher Leadership in the 21st Century.