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Bakhtinian Pedagogy

Opportunities and Challenges for Research, Policy and Practice in Education Across the Globe


E. Jayne White and Michael Peters

This collection of essays brings Bakhtinian ideas into dialogue with educational practice across cultural and pedagogical boundaries. These encounters offer fresh perspectives on contemporary issues in education, and consider pedagogical responses that are framed within a dialogic imperative. The book also pioneers an important discussion about the place of the Bakhtin Circle in educational philosophy today. Drawing on the historical and contemporary scholarship that has already taken place in education to date, the book emphasizes the living nature of language as intentional acts that take place within learning relationships. Consideration is given to the wider contexts in which pedagogy takes place, and shifts the role of the teacher as expert transmitter of knowledge to dialogic partner in learning. Bakhtinian Pedagogy is particularly suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate teacher education courses that focus on pedagogical studies in early childhood, primary, secondary, and tertiary learning. It is also a suitable text for educational philosophy students at postgraduate level.
Contents: Craig Brandist: Foreword – E. Jayne White/Michael Peters: Introduction – Eugene Matusov: Authorial Teaching and Learning – E. Jayne White: Aesthetics of the Beautiful: Ideologic Tensions in Contemporary Assessment – Olga Dysthe: Opportunity Spaces for Dialogic Pedagogy in Test-oriented Schools: A Case Study of Teaching and Learning in High School – Panagiotis A. Kanellopoulos: In Pursuit of Musical Freedom Through Free Improvisation: A Bakhtinian Provocation to Music Education – Timothy J. Lensmire: Too Serious: Learning, Schools, and Bakhtin’s Carnival – Sarah Pollack/Yifat Ben-David Kolikant: Fostering Dialogue in a Context of Socio-Political Conflict: An Instructional Model – Fran Hagstrom/David Deggs/Craig Thompson: Clouds, Chat, and Chatter: A Philosophical Note on Technologically Enhanced Teaching and Learning – Karin Junefelt: Early Dialogues as a Teaching Device from a Bakhtinian Perspective – Elin Eriksen Ødegaard: On the Track of Cultural Formative Practice: A Chronotopic Reading of Young Children’s Co-narrative Meaning-making – Ana Marjanović-Shane: You Are «Nobody»! The Three Chronotopes of Play – Carolyn M. Shields: Bakhtin’s «Novel» Proposal: Lessons for Educational Leaders – Michael A. Peters: The Bakhtin Circle, Philosophy of Language, and Educational Theory.