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The Cultural Practice and Critical Pedagogy of International Hip-Hop


Brad J. Portfilio and Michael J. Viola

This book won the 2014 AESA (American Educational Studies Association) Critics Choice Award.

Illuminating hip-hop as an important cultural practice and a global social movement, this collaborative project highlights the emancipatory messages and cultural work generated by the organic intellectuals of global hip-hop. Contributors describe the social realities – globalization, migration, poverty, criminalization, and racism – youth are resisting through what we recognize as a decolonial cultural politic. The book contributes to current scholarship in multicultural education, seeking to understand the vilification of youth (of color) for the social problems created by a global system that benefits a small minority. In an age of corporate globalization, Hip-Hop(e) highlights the importance of research projects that link the production of educational scholarship with the cultural activities, everyday practice, and social concerns of global youth in order to ameliorate social, economic, and political problems that transcend national boundaries.
Contents: Michael Viola/Brad J. Porfilio: Hip-Hop(e): Introduction: The Cultural Practice and Critical Pedagogy of International Hip-Hop – Muna Jamil Shami: Toward a Critical Pedagogy of Possibility: Arab American Hip-Hop and Spoken Word as Cultural Action for Freedom – J. Lorenzo Perillo: An Empire State of Mind: Hip-Hop Dance in the Philippines – Ove Sernhede/Johan Söderman: Hip-Hop in Sweden – Folkbildning and a Voice for Marginalized Youth – Leslee Grey: True Fuckin’ Playas: Queering Hip-Hop through Drag Performance – Michael B. MacDonald: Hip-Hop Citizens: Local Hip-Hop and the Production of Democratic Grassroots Change in Alberta – Brad J. Porfilio/Shannon M. Porfilio: Hip-Hop Pedagogues: Youth as a Site of Critique, Resistance, and Transformation in France and in the Neoliberal Social World – Crystal Leigh Endsley/Marla Jaksch: The Troubadour: K’Naan, East Africa, and the Trans-National Pedagogy of Hip-Hop – Michael Viola: Hip-Hop and Critical Revolutionary Pedagogy: Blue Scholarship to Challenge «The Miseducation of the Filipino» – Darius Prier: Public Enemies: Constructing the «Problem» of Black Masculinity in Urban Public Schools – Brian Lozenski: Rebellion Politik: A Tale of Critical Resistance through Hip-Hop from St. Paul to Havana – Travis L. Gosa/Tristan G. Fields: Is Hip-Hop Education Another Hustle? The (Ir)Responsible Use of Hip-Hop as Pedagogy – Lisa William-White/Dana Muccular/Gary Muccular: Reading, Writing, and Revolution: Spoken Word as Radical «Literocratic» Praxis in the Community College Classroom – Debangshu Roychoudhury/Lauren M. Garder: Taking Back Our Minds: Hip-Hop Psychology’s (HHP) Call for a Renaissance, Action, and Liberatory Use of Psychology in Education – Jeremy Bryan: R.U.N.M.C. (Are You an Emcee?) or Rhetoric Used Now to Make Change – Akesha Horton: Hip-Hop as a Global Passport: Examining Global Citizenship and Digital Literacies through Hip-Hop Culture – Don C. Sawyer III: Stupid Fresh: Hip-Hop Culture, Perceived Anti-Intellectualism, and Young Black Males – Decoteau J. Irby/Emery Petchauer: Hustlin’ Consciousness: Critical Education Using Hip-Hop Modes of Knowledge Distribution.