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News Literacy

Global Perspectives for the Newsroom and the Classroom


Paul Mihailidis

News Literacy gathers leading scholars, educators, and media makers to explore new approaches to thinking about, examining, and evaluating news media and civic engagement around these fundamental questions: What are the most pressing issues in news, media, and culture in a converged, digital, and global media age? What are the best educational practices to foster media literate understanding, engagement, and expression across borders, across cultures, and across divides? The book will prepare future media practitioners (and citizens) to embrace new media environments that can simultaneously empower their craft and their civic voice. This means teaching not only about the various ways new technologies are used and to what end, but also how these tools can enable better engagement with audiences, more dialog with communities, and a more nuanced understanding of how information is processed through new media platforms. Such an approach can empower a more active, collaborative, and empowered information landscape for the digital age.
Contents: Stephen Salyer: Preface – Paul Mihailidis: Introduction - News Literacy in the Dawn of a Hypermedia Age – Stuart Allan: Civic Voices: Social Media and Political Protest – Manuel Guerrero/Mónica Luengas Restrepo: Media Literate «Prodiences»: Binding the Knot of News Content and Production for an Open Society – Stephen Reese: Global News Literacy: Challenges for the Educator – Raquel San Martín: Reaffirming the «Journalist» as Vital to 21st Century. Information Flow, Civic Dialog, and News Literacy – Constanza Mujica: Creating Shared Dialog through Case Study Exploration: The Global Media Literacy Learning Module – Moses Shumow/Sanjeev Chatterjee: The Role of Multimedia Storytelling in Teaching Global Journalism: A News Literacy Approach – Jad Melki: Incorporating In-Depth Research Methodologies and Digital Competencies with Media Literacy Pedagogies – George W. Lugalambi: Deepening Democracy through News Literacy: The African Experience – Susan Moeller: Conclusion - News Literacy and the Courage to Speak Out.