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Not a Stage!

A Critical Re-Conception of Young Adolescent Education


Mark D. Vagle

Not a Stage! is written for teachers, students, and scholars interested in the academic, social, and emotional needs of young adolescents. It is unique because it actively resists basing the practice, research, and theory of young adolescent education on developmentalism and the developmental stage of young adolescence. The purpose of this book is to begin to reorient the discourse on young adolescent growth and change and in turn reconceptualize the education of young adolescents. The book infuses a contingent, recursive conception of adolescent growth and change into the discourse around young adolescence by making three pleas to those interested in the schooling of young adolescents: to move away from a developmentally responsive vision to a contingently and recursively relational vision; to move from «characterizing» young adolescenCE to «particularizing» young adolescenTS; and to move from a «sameness» curriculum to a «difference» curriculum.
Contents: Mark D. Vagle: Introduction: Being a Bit Disruptive – Mark D. Vagle: The Anchor Essay: Trying to Poke Holes in Teflon: Developmentalism; Young Adolescence; and Contingent, Recursive Growth and Change – Mark D. Vagle: Locating and Opening Up Some Obscured Micro-Contexts in Order to Do More LEARNING FROM (rather than Teaching) Young Adolescents – Bic Ngo: Constructing Immigrant Adolescent Identities: Exploring the «Magical Property» of Discourses – Kristien Zenkov/Marriam Ewaida/Athene Bell/Megan Lynch: Seeing School and Learning English: Recent Immigrant Youths’ Insights into Adolescents, Young Adolescence, Learning, and Teaching – Shannon D. M. Moore: Putting ‘Boy’ in Crisis: Seeking an Education of Gender rather than in Gender – Hilary Hughes-Decatur: Always Becoming, Never Enough: Middle School Girls Talk Back – Zan Crowder: Reappraising «Juvenilia» as a Means of Re-Conceptualizing «Adolescence» – Mark D. Vagle: Making a Reoriented Conception of Growth and Change «Actionable» – Enora Brown: Both/And/All of the Above: Addressing Individual, Social, and Contextual Dimensions of Educating Middle School Youth – Penny Bishop: Multiple Discourses and Missing Voices – Leslie David Burns/Leigh A. Hall: Using Students’ Funds of Knowledge to Enhance Middle Grades Education: Responding to Adolescen(TS) – Hilary G. Conklin: What’s Interbeing Got to Do with It? Shared Experiences, Public Problems, and the Unique Individual – Mark D. Vagle: Re-Conceptualizing Growth and Change «Outside» U.S. Contexts – David C. Virtue: Norwegian Perspectives on Educating Young Adolescen(TS) – Donna Pendergast/Nan Bahr: What’s Happening Down Under: Young Adolescent Education in Australia – Ajay Sharma: ‘Particularizing’ Young Adolescents in an Indian Context – Barbara Garrick/Jayne Keogh/Donna Pendergast/Shelley Dole: Locked into Place through Teacher Education: The Discursive Construction of Young People in the Middle Years of Schooling – Mark D. Vagle: Closing: Some Messy Hopes.