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The Evolving Significance of Race

Living, Learning, and Teaching

Sherick A. Hughes and Theodora Regina Berry

This book won the 2014 AESA (American Educational Studies Association) Critics Choice Award.

We are living, learning, and teaching by questioning how to address race in a society that consistently prefers to see itself as colorblind, a society claiming to seek a «post-racial» existence. This edited volume offers evidence of the evolving significance of race from a diverse group of male and female contributors selfidentifying as Black, Latino, Asian, White, Gay, Lesbian, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim. Our attempts to provide every child and adult learner with what they need – equity – to make the most of their educational experiences – excellence – are still consciously and unconsciously thwarted by the ingrained nature of racism in our society. This point becomes obvious when we begin teaching those audiences that represent diverse lived experiences of race about the changing significance of race and how to develop a more critical, reflexive lens focused upon the politics of race. This book invites readers to co-construct and implement a critical race pedagogy that reflects both an acknowledgment of the evolving significance of race and opportunities for hope via education.
Contents: Marvin Lynn: Foreword – Sherick Hughes/Theodorea Regina Berry/Rod Carey: Introduction – Theodorea Regina Berry: Father, Daughter, and Schooling - Curriculum Theorizing From a Critical Race Feminist Perspective – Brian D. Schultz: Two Scoops Vanilla: Teaching Against the Notion of White Savior – Sachi Feris: Constructing Space for Elementary School Students to Talk About Race and Take Action to Create Change – Connie North: Owning the «Buts»: High School Students Confront History and Heterosexism – Tara M. Brown/Summer Clark/Thurman Bridges: Youth Teaching Teachers: Bridging Racial and Cultural Divides Between Teachers and Students – Rita Kohli: Breaking the Cycle of Racism in the Classroom: Critical Race Reflections From Future Teachers of Color – Sherick Hughes: Maggie and Me: A Black Professor and a White Urban School Teacher Connect Autoethnography to Critical Race Pedagogy – Hilton Kelly: Du Boisian Double Consciousness in the Multicultural Classroom and the Questions It Raises – Benjamin Blaisdell: An Academic in the Classroom: Uncovering and Resisting the Barriers to Racial Equity in Public School – Theodorea Regina Berry: Understanding Equity: A Brown Lesson in a Teacher Education Program From a Critical Race Feminist Perspective – Josh Diem: Where Am I Going, Where Have I Been? A Critical Reflexion on Black-Jewish Relations, Jewish Political Shifts to the Right, and the Preparation of Young Jewish Women for Teaching «Other People’s Children» – Leticia Alvarez/Francisco Rios: La Política Vecindaria: A Micro to Macro Lens on Immigrant Newcomer Students in U.S. Schools – Dedrick Muhammad/Chuck Collins: Race, Wealth, and the Commons – Cooper Thompson: Profitting From Racism: A Family History of How Race and Class Privilege Created Wealth – Goodwin Liu: The Myth and Math of Affirmative Action – Sherick Hughes/Dale Snauwaert: Toward an Informed and Transparent Philosophy of Racial Diversity for Colleges of Education – Zeus Leonardo: The Race for President and a Precedent for Race: Lessons from NCLB and Bringing Race to the Top – Nadia Hassan/Sherick Hughes: Interview «I’m the Daughter of a U.S. Marine»: An Interview With Nadia Hassan on the Racialization, Misrepresentation, and Mistreatment of Muslim Women in Post-9/11 America.