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School Sucks!

Arguments for Alternative Education


Rochelle Brock and Greg S. Goodman

School Sucks! is designed to complement the dominant discourse of school reform by presenting a compendium of critical pedagogical writings that analyze the current issues in urban education and demonstrate alternative praxis for failing schools. The two editors of this volume also serve as the series editors for Peter Lang Publishing’s Educational Psychology and Black Studies and Critical Thinking series, giving them remarkable resources from which to draw this selection of writings that represent the very best concepts of pedagogy and praxis. School Sucks! furthers the reader's knowledge of the pretext of urban educational problems and promotes a positive praxis of urban educational reform.
Inspired by mentors Mary McLeod Bethune and Paulo Freire, School Sucks! employs a critical pedagogy and praxis in calling for wholesale changes within our urban schools.
Contents: Christopher Knaus: Developing Urban Youth Voice: A Framework for Culturally Responsive Classrooms – Greg S. Goodman: Students’ Stories: Bear & Antoine – Christopher Knaus: You Are the Ones Who Need to Hear Us: The Role of Urban Youth Voice in a Democracy – Alfred W. DeFreece, Jr.: Where Do We Go from . . . Where? Identifying the Ideological Bases of Low-Income, Urban Black Adolescents’ Views on Racism – Chance W. Lewis/Terah Venzant Chambers/Bettie Ray Butler: Urban Education in the 21st Century: An Overview of Selected Issues That Impact African American Student Outcomes – Floyd D. Beachum/Carlos R. McCray: Through the Fire: How Pretext Impacts the Context of African American Educational Experiences – Floyd D. Beachum/Carlos R. McCray: Dealing with Cultural Collision: What Pre-Service Educators Should Know – Luis F. Mirón: How Do We Locate Resistance in Urban Schools? – Greg S. Goodman/Adriel A. Hilton: Urban Dropouts: Why Persist? – Susan Fuhrman: Urban Education Challenges: Is Reform the Answer? – Rochelle Brock: What Does «Good» Urban Teaching Look Like? – Christine Sleeter: The Quest for Social Justice in the Education of Minoritized Students – Ebony Elizabeth Thomas: The Next Chapter of Our Story: Rethinking African American Metanarratives in Schooling and Society – Julia Ellis/Susan Fitzsimmons/Jan Small-McGinley: Encouraging the Discouraged: Students’ Views for Elementary Classrooms – Jane Bean-Folkes: Schools of Hope: Teaching Literacy in the Obama Era – Rochelle Brock: A Pedagogy of Wholeness – Larry F. Forthun/Jeffrey W. McCombie/Caroline Payne: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Life Space Crisis intervention (LSCI) – Shanesha R. F. Brooks-Tatum: Transformative Educational Spaces: Black Youth and Education in the Twenty-First Century – Mary Hollowell/Donna Moye: Therapeutic Art, Poetry, and Personal Essay: Old and New Prescriptions.