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Even the Janitor Is White

Educating for Cultural Diversity in Small Colleges and Universities


M. Gail Hickey and Brain K. Lanahan

Even the Janitor Is White addresses challenges faced by teacher educators who are committed to diversity education. The chapters in this volume invite readers to reflect on their own practice as teacher educators as well as consider ways in which that practice might be improved.
More than forty percent of students in U.S. schools are of non-White ethnicity, yet the majority of teachers are White and middle class. Some teacher education students are resistant to conversations about race or ethnicity in the college classroom, while teacher educators may avoid initiating dialogues about race or ethnicity. U.S. teacher education programs, however, are charged with preparing culturally competent teachers. Educational experts agree teacher educators must direct special attention toward consciousness-raising activities and instructional strategies to increase White educators’ awareness of diverse populations, challenge stereotypes, and facilitate interactions between and among ethnic groups. Teacher education programs, pre-service teachers, and others interested in issues of diversity will benefit from this collection of classroom-tested strategies for increasing educators’ awareness about diversity.
Contents: Melissa Marks: Understanding Ourselves, Understanding Others: First-Year Education Majors’ Beliefs about Diversity – Kristi Stricker: Start with Their Story: Using Autobiography to Develop Meaningful Multicultural Pedagogy – Michele Phillips: Shagging in the South: Using Cultural Autobiographies to Deconstruct Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Culture – Edric C. Johnson/Hyun Young Kang/Laurie Katz: «What’s a Cultural Memoir?» An Action Research Study of Future Teachers’ Understandings of Themselves as Cultural Persons – Catherine Gatewood/Kenneth Hall: Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable: How Deliberate Conversation and Interaction among Education Majors Can Bring about More Profound Awareness of Self with Regard to Diversity – Brian Lanahan: Examination of White Racial Identity in the Context of an Elementary Social Studies Methods Course – Russell Binkley: «We Can’t Change the World If We Just Keep It to Ourselves»: How Do Preservice Teachers See Teaching for Social Justice When They Participate in a National Program Promoting Student Activism? – Laura L. Marasco: The Home Visit: Apprehension, Assumptions, Acceptance, and Action – Bethany Hill-Anderson/Darryn Diuguid: How a Multicultural Literature Survey Altered Pedagogical Methods and Curriculum Content for Two University Professors – Janie Hubbard: Multicultural Technology Project: A Strategy for Introducing Preservice Teachers to Culturally Responsive Teaching Methods – James K. Daly: Infusing Civic Engagement into the Teacher Education Program: Authentic Experiences in Addressing Diversity – Frans H. Doppen: E Unis Pluribum: The Search for Diversity in Southeast Ohio – M. Gail Hickey: Changing Perspective: Service Learning as Multicultural Pedagogy in a Graduate Teacher Education Program – M. Gail Hickey/Brian Lanahan: Conclusion: Educating for Cultural Diversity in Small Colleges and Universities.