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The Social Meanings of Language, Dialect and Accent

International Perspectives on Speech Styles


Howard Giles and Bernadette M. Watson

This volume represents a unique contribution to the area of language attitudes research with its focus on how languages, dialects and accents induce us to form social judgments about people who use these forms.
The essays attend to evaluations of speech styles across nations. No previous work has embraced this comparative perspective globally, but such a volume that situates language and attitude research in the 21st century is long overdue.
The content is culturally diverse and showcases the work of eminent scholars across the globe. Each chapter brings its own theoretical interpretation to this field of study, and the book provides the reader with a plethora of models that extend our understanding of language attitudes.
It is fitting that Cindy Gallois, who has incisively contributed to research on language attitudes over the past 30 years, provides an epilogue on the current state of language attitudes research.
Contents: Marko Dragojevic/Howard Giles/Bernadette Watson: Language Ideologies and Language Attitudes: A Foundational Framework – Agata Gluszek/Karolina Hansen: Language Attitudes in the Americas – Tamara Rakić/Melanie C. Steffens: Language Attitudes in Western Europe – Tore Kristiansen: Language Attitudes in the Nordic Countries – Eirlys E. Davies/Abdelali Bentahila: Language Attitudes in the Maghreb Countries of North West Africa – Desmond Painter/John Dixon: Language Attitudes in Southern Africa – Anping He/Sik Hung Ng: Language Attitudes in China Toward English – Itesh Sachdev/Tej Bhatia: Language Attitudes in South Asia – Ann Weatherall: Language Attitudes in Australia and New Zealand – Cindy Gallois: Epilogue: Language Attitudes in Context.