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A Literary Map of Spain in the 21st Century


Graciela Susana Boruszko

A Literary Map of Spain in the 21st Century is a unique scholarly publication that participates in the debates of literary researchers by exploring the linguistic and literary map of Spain in the twenty-first century. Each chapter is centered in a particular cultural and linguistic area of Spain; and there the study extrapolates to other regions of interest. This book covers all or at least most of the sociolinguistic and literary environments of Spain. It is a comprehensive study of the new trends and attitudes towards linguistic and literary coexistence in a linguistically diverse nation. By painting a panoramic retrospective view of the evolution of this coexistence during the twenty-first century, Graciela Susana Boruszko brings new light to the current global scenario.
The comparative approach of the study constitutes an excellent scholar contribution to the field of comparative literature and linguistics, Spanish linguistics, and Spanish cultural studies. While being centered in literary and linguistic analysis, this book will also appeal to scholars in adjacent academic fields, such as political science, sociology, sociolinguistics, ethnolinguistics, psycholinguistics, contemporary history, social studies, cultural studies, intercultural studies, gender studies, and European studies.