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Critical Consciousness in Curricular Research

Evidence from the Field


Lisa William-White, Dana Muccular, Gary Muccular and Ayanna F. Brown

The educational climate in the United States is ripe for dialogue and interrogation of notions of what should be taught in schools. The editors and contributors to this volume present descriptive, interpretive, ethnographic, autoethnographic, case study, essay, visual, and poetic work that focuses on the challenges to curriculum transformation, including the multifaceted ways that educators fight for a more socially, culturally, linguistically, and politically responsive curriculum. The contributors provide snapshots from homes, classrooms, and community spaces in an effort to illustrate how curricular approaches and implementation can offer counter-hegemonic agentry for emancipatory and democratic learning opportunities.
Contents: Janice Tuck-Lively/Ayanna F. Brown: Grandma’s Brer Rabbit Wasn’t the Fool You So Admire: Teaching to Oppose the Conveniences Blackness Affords Whiteness – Gary Muccular Jr.: (De)Pathologizing Urban Spaces Through Dense Inquiry – Liliya Zhernokleyev: Найти Себя: An Autobiographical Journey of a Russian Teacher in America – Nicholas Daniel Hartlep (Koh Moil ): The «Not-So-Silent» Minority: Scientific Racism and the Need for Epistemological and Pedagogical Experience in Curriculum – Kaying Her: Nrhiav Kuv Lub Suab, a.k.a. Finding My Voice: A Hmong Student-Teacher’s Curriculum Story – Ya Po Cha: Curriculum Transformation Through the Study of Hmong Culture – Maggie Beddow: In Pursuit of Social Justice: My Socialization in Becoming a Social Studies Civics Educator – Dana Muccular: A Writer, a Reader and a Rape: Responsible Pedagogy Through Dialogue and Self-Study – Ayanna F. Brown: We Will Understand It Better By and By: Sojourning to Racial Literacy – Maria Mejorado: At the Helm: The Challenges of Empowering Agriculture Workers to Obtain Their GEDs – J. Baird/Nadeen T. Ruiz: Fighting for a Transnational Third Space in Teacher Education – Kathy Emery: All Real Education Is Political: History, Racism, and Progressive Pedagogy – Lisa William-White/Jonathan Luke Wood/Idara Essien-Wood/Cacee Belton/Gary Muccular Jr., Parrish Geary/Toni Newman: Mis-education or Malpractice? A Rallying Cry for an African-Centered Third Space in Curriculum Transformation – Jazmin A. White: Autoethnography of a Mad, Black Student – Motecúzoma Patrick Sánchez: Thug-Noble/Street-Scholar: Community Activism as Curriculum.