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Preventing Violence and Achieving World Peace

The Contributions of the Gülen Movement


Edited By Ori Z. Soltes and Margaret A. Johnson

How can we address the seemingly endless conflicts in the world, particularly those arising from misunderstandings of Islam by both Muslims and non-Muslims? Preventing Violence and Achieving World Peace: The Contributions of the Gülen Movement presents the essays of eight scholars who consider the diverse ways in which the Gülen Movement or hizmet («service to others») – inspired by contemporary Turkish social philosopher Fetullah Gülen – has worked to answer this question. Drawing from various intellectual and theological sources, particularly Sufism, these essays indicate multiple instances of positive interfaith and/or multicultural dialogue. In addition, they consider how the writings of Gülen and the works of the Gülen Movement, through an extensive program of education and communication, have contributed significantly to efforts that oppose violence and shape universal peace.

«At a time of utter urgency in Muslim/non-Muslim relations, this book on the Gülen Movement appears as a beacon of hope, offering multifaceted insight into Gülen's thought and practice – touching upon themes of philosophy, education, interfaith mysticism, universalism, and the cosmos. It offers significant support to the Charter for Compassion movement, another grassroots effort, also grounded in the need for self-improvement, humility, education toward tolerance and away from violence, and, above all, in the compatible notion of hizmet – outward action of kindness and service toward the other. Taking these insights to heart may help to awaken humanity to embrace ‘our diversity as a species. and – insha’Allah – to achieve ‘fullness of peace’ in our time.» (Helen McConnell, CAN (Compassionate Action Network) International Fellow; Co-Founder of the Compassionate Washington, D.C. Campaign)