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Contemporary Issues in the Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

A Critical Reader


George J. Sefa Dei and Meredith Lordan

Contemporary Issues in the Sociology of Race and Ethnicity: A Critical Reader occupies, expands, and challenges the issues raised by critical race theory. Fleshing out the theoretical pillars of Critical Anti-Racist Theory (CART) as its central organizing framework, this text responds to the central issue of race in terms of public and academic discourses, meta-narratives, and its implications for social policy. Drawing from popular culture, this edited collection features a variety of real-world analyses, from media bias to contentious Africentric school programs. This collection serves as a timely and accessible text for academic and wider audiences. In addition to outlining the philosophical underpinnings of CART, the text considers how this theory may inform current socio-political dynamics in a wide, globally-reaching range of areas. This book could be used in the undergraduate and graduate levels in these disciplines: Anthropology, Diaspora Studies, Education, Ethnic Studies, Law, Multiculturalism Studies, Politics, Social Work, and Sociology.
Contents: George J. Sefa Die/Meredith Lordan: Introduction – George J. Sefa Dei: Reframing Critical Anti-Racist Theory (CART) for Contemporary Times – Meredith Lordan: The Race to Self: Critical Anti-Racism Theory in a Global Change Era - heory in a Global Change Era - Lessons from Rio+20 - the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – Paul Banahene Adjei: When Blackness Shows Up Uninvited: Examining the Murder of Trayvon Martin through Fanonian Racial Interpellation – Philip S. S. Howard: The Smack of Self-Determination: A Fanonian Analysis of the Africentric Schooling Debate in Toronto – Shaun Chen: Schooling, Interrupted: What France’s Last Sociologist Might Have Said about Canada’s First Black-focused School – Brandy Jensen: Race Erased? Arizona’s Ban on Ethnic Studies – Preeia Surajbali: Situating My Standpoint: My Relationship to Black Feminist Thought as an Indo-Caribbean Canadian Woman of Color – Jozef Konyari: Understanding the Pathology and Cure for Euro-Colonial Whiteness: A Psychological, Behavioral, and Systemic Analysis – Mairi McDermott/Marlon Simmons: Embodiment and the Spatialization of Race – Kathleen Conroy: Black Males and Exclusionary Schooling Practices: ‘Common-Sense’ Racism and the Need for a Critical Anti-Racist Approach – George J. Sefa Die/Meredith Lordan: Conclusion: Where Does Critical Anti-Racism Theory Lead Us? Considering Educational, Policy, and Community Implications.