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Sista Talk Too


Rochelle Brock

In Sista Talk Too, Rochelle Brock brings meaningful new material which evokes and updates her past examination of Black women in today’s culture. The first Sista Talk: The Personal and the Pedagogical is an inquiry into the questions of how Black women define their existence in a society which devalues, dehumanizes, and silences their beliefs. Placing herself inside of the research, Rochelle Brock invited the reader on a journey of self-exploration, as she and seven of her Black female students investigate their collective journey toward self-awareness in the attempt to liberate their minds and souls from ideological domination. Throughout, Sista Talk attempted to understand the ways in which this self-exploration informs her pedagogy. Combining Black feminist and Afrocentric theory with critical pedagogy, Sista Talk Too frames the parameters for an Afrowomanist pedagogy of wholeness for teaching Black students and strength in dealing with an unpredictable and often unstable view of the future. Rochelle Brock brings us something to be remembered by, chapters and writings from students and colleagues to help us survive and thrive in this world…all in the spirit of love, life, and Oshun.

Shirley R Steinberg: Words Spoken Beforehand – A Note from the Author about Sista Talk Too – Silvia C. Bettez: Foreword: On Passionate Pedagogies – Shout Outs—revised – Talk Two...Prologue to Prologue – Dreaming of Revolution: My Struggle to Understand the Assault on Blackness – I Am – Prologue: Crossing the Bridge with Lessons I’ve Learned – Transition: A War with Words – Theories of the Other: Resistance and Acceptance – Rising from the Ashes—Engendering an Understanding of Black Women and Me – Reflection: scrambled eggs over medium – A Conversation with My Goddess Oshun: A Theoretical Framework in the Making – Transition: My Manifesto of Education – Reflection: SILENCE – Sista to Sista to Sista: A Story in Three Acts – Reflection: "I really don’t breathe, that’s part of my problem" – Pedagogy of Wholeness: Part One—The Theory – Transition: Michael – A Pedagogy of Wholeness: Part Two—The Practice – Transition: Reflecting on Self – The End of My Beginning – LaToya Brown/Erica-Brittany Horhn: Continuing the Conversation: Sistas Are Still Talkin – Appendix A: The Methodology of Sista Dialogue: Safe Spaces for Being Us – Appendix B: The Boring but Necessary Stuff – References.