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Studies in Slang

Part V


Gerald L. Cohen

The Studies in Slang monographs are a forum for the detailed discussion of slang items, an activity of worth in itself and for the insight it can bring to broader issues in linguistics. We deal here in particular with the study of languages in their social context and the role of the individual in linguistic innovation.
Contents: Student slang - Brainstorm - Graft - The Underworld - Patsy - Slick Willie - Kike - Slang Jerry - Pschutt 'a dandy' - Shyster - Hijack - Cant flash - Cockney sausage and mash 'cash' - Pugnaciously-covacovious-abscrotious-scrump - Sexual terms and metaphors in the blues - Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar (song) - Article on scholar Allen Walker Read.