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The Religious Itinerary of a Ghanaian People

The Kasena and the Christian Gospel


Allison Howell

In the ongoing story of African religion, the Kasena encounter with Christianity in Northern Ghana gives vivid insight into a people and their past. Allison Howell initially identifies the historical, environmental and socio-political context of the Kasena. A description of Kasena family life and their methods of resolving crises and personal problems sheds light on their beliefs about the spiritual realm. There follows a study of Kasena stories of conversion, their reasons for conversion and the growth of new churches. An analysis of personal interviews, songs, prayers and sermons, enables the author to assess the emerging Kasena Christian theology. From the Kasena religious itinerary, a pattern is distinguished which has implications for communicating the Gospel, for understanding people's reasons for conversion, and for the development of theology in other parts of the world.
Contents: Kasena in Ghanaian and West African history and environment - Family life, problem resolution and religious belief - Conversion to Christianity - Reasons for conversion - Church History - Problems, issues and questions identified - Kasena theology - Implications of Kasena religious itinerary for other people and places.