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Morality and Politics in Nigeria

Moral integration in Nigerian politics as a way out


James-Michael Okpalaonwuka

Before the Nigerian civil war, and even after the war till 1982, Nigeria was regarded as a wealthy nation in comparison with other African countries. However, for the past 30 years, struggle for power has resulted in political instability, moral degeneracy and under-development. The economy of the country has collapsed and millions of Nigerians are now enveloped in poverty, hunger, disease, ignorance, unemployment etc. The root cause of this unhealthy situation for the country is corruption and moral degradation. The only way out of the Nigerian ugly situation seems to be the integration of morality in Nigerian politics. This research work therefore aims at suggesting avenues of restoring man's original dignity within a corrupt and unjust social and political setting in Nigeria.
Contents: Interrelationship between morality and politics - Corruption in the Nigerian society - The official teaching of the church and the stand of the church hierarchy in Nigeria on morality and politics - Practical suggestions to solve the nations political situation.