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Vol. I- History and Present Time

Klaus Engel

Meditation can be viewed as a path along which spiritual change and perfection can be achieved. The historical review gives an account of the development of meditation both in the Orient - India, Tibet, China und Japan - and in the Western World - Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The development of meditation in modern times is illustrated in the biographies of prominent representatives from both the Eastern and the Western World. The section of the book that deals with the systematics of meditation describes the practical procedures of individual meditative paths. Volume I provides the historical background for Volume II, a treatise on Empirical Research and Theory.
This is an expanded edition of Klaus Engel's «Meditation» (published in German in 1995), translated into English by A.H. Davies.
Contents: Historical roots of meditation - The lives of prominent figures in meditation of the present - Meditative paths and accounts of experience depicting what meditation strives to achieve.