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Models for Genetics

Wolfgang Balzer and Chris M. Dawe

The major, basic models of genetic theories are for the first time reconstructed in a precise and perspicuous way. The book aims at foundational clarification. It shows how the different branches of genetics are systematically related, how they differ from each other, and how they can be compared with each other. The models may serve as a basis for top-down computer implementations and for teaching genetic theory. They will be of value in genetics, biology, medicine, and the philosophy of science, but also in ethical discussions.
Contents: The unity of genetics: phenomena, techniques, models - A model for genetics: a general formal model from which all others are obtained by specialization - Genetic kinematics: the mechanisms of DNA, RNA and their formal treatment in the model - Transmission genetics: formal models for population genetics, including genetic maps - Molecular genetics: the basic model - Stochastic models: definition and how to build them in into the general models, models for pedigrees - Diversity: comparison of population models and molecular models, discussion of 'reduction' - Conclusion and perspectives.