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Proceedings of the Conference Oberwolfach: December 4-10, 1977


Bruno Brosowski and Erich Martensen

This series brings essays on applied mathematics and mathematical physics. These essays study the basic scientific resp. technical problems and examine also the methods to deal with them up to the acquirement of the finally interesting solution in practice. The mathematician is to come in closer touch with the range of application of his field, the physicist and the engineer are to become more familiar with mathematical methods.
This volume - with an introduction by Erhard Schwall - contains the papers of the Conference Oberwolfach presented by: A. Arker, P.D. Panagiotopoulos, A. Ramakrishnan, G.F. Roach, W. Gerdes, J. Neustupa, K. Kirchgässner, K.P. Hadeler/E.T. Poulsen, and R. Rautmann.