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Lifelong Learning and Environmental Education

Walter Leal Filho

This book, prepared in connection with the European Year of Lifelong Learning and the UNESCO International Conference on Adult Education in Hamburg, outlines some ideas related to lifelong learning and the environment, dealing with environmental issues in contexts such as adult education, community-based education, and quality of learning. A balanced emphasis to formal and nonformal education is given. The book also contains case studies illustrating how environmental adult education is dealt with in a sample of industrialised and developing countries, offering a wider view of the theme and of its diversity.
Contents: Joachim Knoll: Environmental Education and UNESCO: some achievements - Walter Leal Filho: The Environment: a Unifying Theme for Lifelong Learning and Adult Education - Leszek Jerzak: Lifelong Learning and Environmental Education in Poland - Geza M. Timèák: Lifelong Learning and Environmental Education in Slovakia - Monica Hale: Environmental Learning, Employment and Professional Training in Europe - Antonella Bachiorri: Environmental Adult Education: Experiences, Problems and Perspectives in the Italian Context - Farrukh Tahir: Adult Education and the Environment in Pakistan - Heino Apel: Environmental Education for Adults in the Federal Republic of Germany seen from the point of view of «lifelong learning» - Arjen E J Wals & Frank P.M.C. de Jong: Community-based Environmental Education, School, Culture and Lifelong Learning - Mauri Åhlberg: Improvement of Environmental Education as a Tool for High Quality Lifelong Learning - Darlene E. Clover: Understanding Human-Earth Relationships through Storytelling and Memory - Uta Papen: Adult Learning: A Key for the 21st Century - Environmental Education in the Framework of the Fifth International Conference on Adult Education - Michael Schemmann: Introducing the Yearbook on Adult Education.