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The Public Concept of Land Ownership

Reports and Discussions of a German-Korean Symposium held in Seoul on October 7-9, 1996


Bernd von Hoffmann and Myong-Chan Hwang

In South Korea the increase of population and the economic growth together with a shortage of arable land has led to land speculation. The government has tried to encounter this speculation with legislative acts introducing ceilings on land ownership, imposing taxes on excessive land holding and controlling real-estate transactions. These public policy measures are understood in Korea as the «Public Concept of Land Ownership». The Korean reports collected in this book explain in detail this concept and measure it by its economic efficiency as well as by its constitutionality. A part of the German reports describes how the same legal questions are dealt with under German law. Other reports examine the history of land ownership and the reprivatisation of land in East Germany after 1990.
Contents: Land Law in Germany and South Korea: History, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, public control, tax law, reprivatisation of land.