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Waving the Gentlemen's business goodbye

From global deals to global disputes in the London reinsurance market


Christine Stammel

This study gives an introduction into cross-border legal interaction and third cultures in the London reinsurance market. Due to its high share of international business, the London reinsurance market represents a field which invites a study of the legal behaviour of the global players within one specific field of business. Reinsurance so far has not conducted legal battles in public - if there were legal battles at all. First of all, disputing parties would negotiate. Dispute remained in the privacy of arbitration. Increasingly the Commercial Court in London has taken an important role in resolving those disputes put to it by UK and non UK resident parties. The book attempts to offer an explanation of the phenomenon by giving an insight into the development of dispute behaviour in the London reinsurance market during the last 10 to 15 years.
Contents: Reinsurance business and forms - Market participants - Potential legal conflicts - Reinsurance law - International nature of reinsurance and its influence on legal issues - Institutions of reinsurance conflict resolution.