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Food Security and Innovations

Successes and Lessons Learned- International Symposium 1996

Franz Heidhues and Andrea Fadani

Central to food security and agricultural growth are innovations. As land resources are becoming increasingly scarce, production growth has to come mainly from intensification and productivity increases, particularly of smallholders as the main food producers in developing countries. The innovation process involves generation and acceptance of sustainable innovations by farmers requiring effective agricultural research, a conducive agricultural policy framework and improved institutional and infrastructural conditions for innovation acceptance. This volume summarizes the large body of experiences gained and discussed during the Hohenheim symposium. It places particular emphasis on the discussion of case studies of successful and failed innovations. Learning from both, successes and failures, is part of a science-based innovation process.
Contents: Perspectives and Challenges of Food Security in Developing Countries - Agricultural Research and the Innovation Generation Process - Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations - Policy and Institutional Framework for Food Security.