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Education and Social Change

Edited and Introduced by Elzbieta Halas

Elzbieta Halas

Education and Social Change sheds a new light on Florian Znaniecki's most original program of the sociology of education. The volume contains newly discovered reports from the research under the auspices of the Columbia University in the thirties, focused on educating to participate in democratic social order and cultural innovation. Preparation for cooperative interactions with leaders lies at the core of the analysis. Included are several texts published in English which clearly expound Znaniecki's analysis of social processes in education. The key idea of transforming educational systems in the direction of self-education still proves relevant.
Contents: Education for Democracy - Leadership and Followship in Creative Cooperation - The Problem of Reorganization of Institutional Education - Educational Guidance - Education and Self-Education in Modern Societies - The Scientific Function of Sociology of Education.