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America and Her Influence upon the Language and Culture of Post-socialist Countries


Marlene Fink and Liane Fijas

After numerous predominantly quantitative and linguistic systems oriented investigations of the Anglo-American influence upon the German and other West European languages, this volume seeks to throw a little light onto the respective conditions of so-called post-socialist societies. By means of authentic opinions and experiences of some linguists living in these countries, it aims less at the quantitative impact of the Americanism there than at its possible economic, social, political, and cultural implications.
Contents: Hermann Fink: Zum Inhalt - Maria Peseková: Ist alles, was amerikanisch ist, super? - Otilia Venková: America and Her Influence on the Czech Republic - Marcela Adámková: America is Tough but Enlightening - Mari Uibo: American Culture in Estonia - Viera Nemcoková: English Computing Terms in the Slovak Language - Gabriela Knutová: English as a Foreign Language in Post-socialist Slovakia - Some First Observations - Liane Fijas: Zum englischen Einfluß auf das heutige Russisch und Tschechisch.