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Continuity and Change in Adventist Teaching

A Case Study in Doctrinal Development


Rolf J. Pöhler

This book provides the first in-depth treatment of the problem of doctrinal development from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective. The author investigates the extent, nature, and direction of Adventist doctrinal developments in the light of the religious background of the church and the sociological forces at work in it. He also analyzes the response of the church to doctrinal adjustments and discusses Ellen White’s involvement in and conception of doctrinal change. The study concludes that Adventist teachings have been significantly affected by theological and hermeneutical developments under the impact of sociological forces that tended to move the church closer towards evangelical Protestantism. Ellen White, co-founder of the church, was personally involved in theological change; her concept of doctrinal development reflects a remarkable depth of insight and represents a well-balanced approach to the subject.
Contents: Adventist theology between tradition and renewal: a survey – Adventist conceptions of doctrinal development: an assessment – Prophetic authority and doctrinal change: an analysis.