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Workers, Firms and Unions

Part 1- Industrial Relations in Transition


Roderick Martin, Akihiro Ishikawa, Csaba Makó and Francesco Consoli

The book examines changes in workers' attitudes towards their managements and unions in electronics plants in eleven countries, capitalist and (ex) socialist between 1984 and 1996. The book is based on original field work in the same or comparable plants at both dates. The book shows the inter-relations between global competition and national industrial relations systems. The first part examines changes in capitalist countries (Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Finland and Sweden), the second part examines socialist and ex-socialist countries (China, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia). In all countries workers identify increasingly with the interests of lower level management and in most countries are highly critical of trade unions.
Contents: A. Ishikawa / R. Martin: Introduction - E. Fricke / W. Fricke: Changing Attitudes and Conditions in German Working Life - F. Consoli: Work Involvement and Professional Challenge: a New Trend in Italian Industrial Relations - M. Maurice: French Employees in Industrial Restructuring and Employment Crisis - A. Ishikawa / T. Shiraishi: Japanese Employees' Attitudes in Transition: 1984-1994 - C. Edling / C. le Grand: The Swedish Model in Transition: a Firm Level Perspective - E. Asp: Finnish Trade Unions and the Quality of Life - B. Cichomski / J. Kulpinska / W. Morawski: Employment, Commitment and Trade Unions: Continuity or Change in Poland 1985-1995 - C. Mako / P. Novoszath / A. Vereb: Changing Patterns of Employment and Employee Attitudes at the Firm Level: the Hungarian Case - Z. Janata: Formation of a New Pattern of Industrial Relations and Workers' Views on Their Unions: the Czech Case - S. Vehovszka: Enterprise Transformation at Plant Level: the Slovak Case - M. Macur / V. Rus: Return to Managerial Paternalism? - In the Slovenian Context - H. X. Wang: Employees' Attitudes towards the Union in Chinese State Firms - C. Mako: Some Implications for Trade Unions.