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Memory - Remembering - Forgetting


Wojciech Kalaga and Tadeusz Rachwal

At the turn of the millennium, memory has emerged as one of the key notions of the contemporary paradigm. This volume explores its involvement in the conceptualisation of culture as well as its underlying presence in literature and philosophy. Memory and its Other - forgetfulness - are approached from a variety of perspectives: in terms of past and present, finite and infinite; in the context of autobiography; with reference to the dichotomies of body/language and masculine/feminine; or as a recomposition or translation of the past experience. The issues discussed by individual papers include such diverse questions as the concept of memory as a form of interpretation, the impasse of subjective identity, the problem of the claim to immortality in Shakespeare's sonnets, the dialectic of memory and forgetting in Cymbeline and Pericles, or the interrelations between time and various modes of memory in the poetry of Paul Celan.
Contents: Emanuel Prower: Memory as Sign - Wojciech Kalaga: Memory and Ontology: Forgetfulness as an Evasion of Being - Marta Zajac: Non-Memory of L'Écriture Feminine, or Stepping Out of Paradise - Marzena Kubisz: Permutations of the Absolute: Archetypal Memory of Mass Culture - Patricia Murray: Myth, Memory, and Postcolonial Resistance: The Fiction of Wilson Harris and Gabriel García Márquez - Martin Murray: Mrs. Dalloway and the Finite Transcendental: Existence, Time, and Transcendence in Woolf, Husserl and Derrida - Liliana Barakonska/Malgorzata Nitka: The Forgetful Memory of Blanchot - Leszek Drong: Self-Inscription and Self-Oblivion - Margaret Llewelyn-Jones: Reality or Nothing? Virtuality, Memory & Death - Jacek Mydla: Poor Retention and the Rehearsing of Being: The Claim to Poetical Immortality in Shakespeare's Sonnets - Andrzej Wicher: «The lopped branches» - an Interpretation of the Motif of Magic Forgetfulness in William Shakespeare's Cymbeline and Pericles - Slawomir Maslon: The Dead of Memory - Noël Gray: The Poetic Exit.