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Environmental Engineering: International Perspectives


Walter Leal Filho

This book introduces several concepts and initiatives which show the applied nature of environmental engineering in various countries and contexts. Prepared as part of the Programme for Environmental Engineering in Europe (PREENE) the book goes beyond the approach of classical themes and instead focuses on issues such as lifecycle analysis, waste management, environmental law, regulations, eco-efficiency and environmental ethics, also providing an overview of future trends and scenarios. It supplies an important source of reference for university students, engineers, practitioners and all those interested in the practicalities of environmental conservation.
Contents: Walter Leal Filho: Concepts of Environmental Engineering - Barry Crittenden: Environmental Lifecycle Analysis: A Tool for Wastes Management - Neil Kermode: The History of Waste Management - Barry Dimson: Principles and Challenges for Sustainable Development and Construction - Stephen Tromans: Laying down the Law: the Quality of Environmental Assessments - Jaqueline Aloisi de Larderel: Environmental Management Tools for Sustainable Development - Martin Charter: Managing the Eco-Design Process - Chris Booth: Integrated Environmental Regulation - Richard Harries: The Ethical Input into Engineering Decision - Mark Smith: Environmental Engineering Science in Practice: Methodologies for Assessing Environmental Effects - Suzy Hodgson: Environmental Ethics - Manfred Wirth: Eco-Efficiency - Maik Adomssent and Dorothe Lütkemöller: Communal Environmental Protection and Conservation - Roger Duffell: Sustainable Development, Engineering Education and Activity - Walter Leal Filho: Environmental Engineering in Practice at Universities: Some Guidance from the «Copernicus Charter» - M. Sotoudeh / B. Mayr / A. Windsperger / M. Jonas / S. Schidler: Interdisciplinary Team Work for Modeling of Carbon Flows in Austria Using the Object-Orientated Simulation Tool Aspect - Mahshid Sotoudeh: Object-Oriented Simulation-Tool ASPECT (Analyses and Simulation of Processes with an Efficient Computing Tool) - Angela Churie Kallhauge: Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure Programme: Outline of a Graduate Programme - D. Keith Denton: The Environment as a Competitive Weapon: Some North American Perspectives - Hans van Weenan: Vision of the Future.