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The Problem of Language in Religious Education


John I. Obilor

The book exposes and analyzes some of the problems of religious education in our time and presents religious language as a fundamental basis of any authentic religious dialogue and pedagogy. It goes further and discusses practical questions like: the metamorphosis of religion, the spiritual dimension of mankind; the erosion of faith and religious practices; Folk faith syndrome; the sickness of religious education; etc. The study repudiates the view that religion is in decline. The conclusion is simple - we need appropriate religious language which truly conveys meanings of religious truths, and that its peculiarity and oddness must prove its uniqueness and power, its tautologies should arouse discernment of depth, going far beyond the mere observation of matters of fact by the senses, its compelling force must challenge adherents to deep commitment to certain 'facts' somehow or other described in the Scriptures, and its appeal to reason should be seen to prove its epistemological credibility and offer the theological framework for evaluation.
The Author: John I. Obilor teaches Philosophy of Religion and New Testament Studies at the Imo State University in Owerri, Nigeria. He hods the B.Phil., BD, STL (Urban University Rome), STD (Angelicum Rome), and M.A. Ed. with Distinction (Institute of Education University of London). He is the author of The Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Dead and Igbo Belief in the «Reincarnation», Peter Lang, 1994 and co-editor of The Bible and Theological Reflections, Hanging Gardens, 1995.