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Sura za Afrika - Voices from Africa

Herbert Langthaler

All the lectures published in this book were given between 21 and 29 June 1996 on the occasion of the «Sura za Afrika-Festival». They were part of four workshops held in the cities of Linz, Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna.
These lectures are, on the one hand, the documentation of a substantial intellectual discourse and, on the other, also an important contribution of a substantial intellectual discourse on a new positioning of the African continent in a globalising world. «Sura za Afrika - Voices from Africa» contains contributions from outstanding members of the international scientific community like the historian Joseph Ki-Zerbo, or the philosopher Kwasi Wiredu, from former and (1996) future ministers like Paulin Houtondji (former Minister for Education in Benin) or Apolo R. Nsimbambi (now Minister for Education and Sports in Uganda), beside committed interventions from members of African NGOs like Alice Abok from YWCA Kenya, Lédéa Ouedraogo or Opa Kapijimpanga from AFRODAD/Harare or trade-unionists like Essayas Bernhanu. It was this exchange of opinions and points of view beyond academic circles that made the workshops that exciting.
Contents: N.N. Susungi: Structural Adjustment and Loss Of National Sovereignty - Mwajuma Alice Abok: The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programs on African Women - Joe L. P. Lugalla: Structural Adjustments and the Informal Sector in Africa - Opa Kapijimpanga: Notes on the African Debt Crisis - Extent and Effects: An NGO perspective - Elísio Macamo: Alternative Structural Adjustment or The Reinvention Of Politics - Apolo R. Nsibambi: Constitution Making and National Integration in Uganda - U. O. Umozurike: Protection of Human Rights in Africa - Vera Duarte: The Integration of Women into the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights - Ditutu Bukasa: Regarding the Problems of the Human Rights Concept - Hélèn Nguyen van Cissé: Les Conventions Internationales sur les Droits de la Femme et de l'Enfant - Lédéa Quedraogo: Les Possibilités Politiques des ONG dans les Annés '90 - Paul-Simon Handy: Limites et perspectives des organisations non gouvernementales africaines à l'ère du paradigme de l'ONG - Achille Mbembe: Des rapports entre la rareté matérielle et la démocratie en Afrique subsaharienne - Esayas Berhanu: Civil Society and Democratization in Africa: Trade Unions Role in the Democratization Process - Rasheed Akinyemi: Reconceptualising Political Integration in West Africa - Meshack M Khosa: South Africa's Political Transition: Implication for Southern Africa - Adebayo Olowo-Ake: Security Policy in Africa with Special Concern to Europe - Paulin J. Hountondji: Knowledge in Africa: The Need for a Capitalisation Process - Kwasi Wiredu: Some personal Remarks on Conceptual Decolonization in African Philosophy - Adigun Ade Abiodun: 21st Century Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities for Africa - Augustin Kouam: Quel développement en Afrique par le transfert de technologies? - Joseph Ki-Zerbo: Elément culturel et Developpement? - Lucia N. Omondi: Problems of Language Policy in East Africa - Norbert Nikièma: La question de l'utilisation des langues nationales dans l'espace francophone africain et au Burkina Faso.