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Theology of Suffering and Cross in the Life and Works of Blessed Edith Stein


Antony Kavunguvalappil OCD

Edith Stein is a very significant woman of our century. She was German Jewess who at first plunged herself into vile abyss of Atheism. Converted to Roman Catholicism she ascended to the highest peak of Mount Carmel and thus achieved the mystical union of her soul with God. For the Church she is a martyr and revered saint. In the philosophical circle she is a significant exponent of Phenomenology. A heroic woman, Edith Stein is a feminist of true womanhood. The philosophical insights of Edmund Husserl and the Mystical Theology of St. John of the Cross helped her in the development of the Science of the Cross. The relevance of Edith Stein is seen not merely in the scientific exposition of the Theology of the Cross but specially in the living witness of that doctrine in her own life.
Contents: Biographical sketches of Edith Stein - Edith Stein as Philosopher and Mystic: Relationship with the Phenomenology of Edmund Husserl, Theology of Thomas Aquinas, Mystical Theology of Dionysius Areopagite - The following of the Cross and Suffering as a «Science» - The Mystery of the Cross: The Message of the Cross, The Doctrine of the Cross, and the Imitation of the Cross - Bibliography.