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Variété: Perspectives in French Literature, Society and Culture

Studies in honour of Kenneth Raymond Dutton, Emeritus Professor, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Marie Ramsland

This volume contains a mixture of academic articles and creative pieces that testify to the broad range of interests that have preoccupied the mind of the person in whose honour these contributions have been made, Professor Kenneth Raymond Dutton. Every literary genre is included: drama, poetry, short story and novel covering a vast span of time from classical mythology to the twelfth century and on to the present day. The disciplines are varied: history, education, philosophy and religion, linguistics, aesthetics, art and architecture, psychology and sociology. The analysis and acquisition of language and the investigation of the translation process have been the inspiration for several of the present studies. Trans-cultural experiences have often been the connectors between generations, individuals and countries, and in this the influence of the French language and culture has been considerable. Colonialism and post-colonialism, feminism and masculinity are some of the major issues taken up in the articles. Scattered throughout are comments by the contributors about Professor Dutton that help the reader to discover not only the mind of the academic but the «man» himself.
Contents: John Ramsland: Foreword - Dominique Girard: Préface - Marie Ramsland: Introduction - Lee Zaunders: Portraits - Ron Laura: A Biographical Sketch of a Scholar and a Gentleman - Leith Morton: The Mind of Ken Dutton as Imaginato in a Suite of Twenty-Five Poems - Alan Barcan: French in Austalian Schools - Gay Reeves: Wyndham's Legacy to French: Forty Years in the Wilderness? - Les Murray: Poems - Glynnis Cropp: The Figure of Hercules in the Medieval French Translations of the Consolatio Philosophiae - W. McKenna/J. Burrows/A. Antonia: Beckett's Molloy: Computational Stylistics and the Meaning of Translation - Brian McCarthy: La phonétique d'antan - John and Marie Ramsland: The Paris Olympics 1924: the French connection - David Chapman: Physiques for La Patrie: Edmond Desbonnet and French Physical Culture - Neil Morpeth: Imagine the Genii and Historians: The Legacy of Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre - Anne Bates: Words for life: Sartre's narrative and Christian narrative - Marie-Laure Vuaille: L.L.L. (Louise Labé Lyonnaise): poétesse et féministe avant la lettre - Maurice Blackman: Aurélia and the 'soleil noir de la mélancolie': the evolution and psychological context of an obsessive metaphor in Gérard de Nerval - Jean-Paul Delamotte: Ce que Dieu a uni; Relations de bon voisinage - C. J. Gossip: Diversité et unité du Misanthrope: d'une aristocratie à l'autre - Robert White: People's impresario: Henri Beaulieu and the 'théâtre du peuple' - F. Walla: Les Contes du lapidaire: a Veritable Quarry for the Viennese Stage - Angus Martin: Le Rêve océanien en France et le récit exotique à la veille de la Révolution: le Chant tahïtien (1786) de Jean-Antoine-Joseph de Bry - Joe Hardwick: Be my guest: Invitation to a re-reading of Simone de Beauvoir's L'Invitée - Hilary Hutchinson: Disillusion and Disappointment in the writings of Annie Ernaux - Pierre Daprini: François Mauriac et L'Imitation des bourreaux de Jésus-Christ - Keith Goesch: Mauriac and The English - Margaret Sankey: Between and across cultures: the language of memory in Andreï Makine's Le Testament français - Hélène Savoie: Poems - Leith Morton: Courtly Love in France and Japan: an Introductory Study - Elizabeth Guilford: French Society and the Arts under the Early Valois Kings 1328-1453 - David and Annie Bancroft: Nevers et la faïence.