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Educational Research and Higher Education Reform in Eastern and Central Europe


Erich Leitner

Contents: Erich Leitner: Higher Education in Transition - Claudius Gellert: Social Changes, Politics and Higher Education - Maurice Kogan: Knowledge about Higher Education for its Different Stakeholders - Don Westerheijden: Researchers and Policy Makers in Higher Education in East Central Europe - Peter Darvas: Institutional Innnovations in Higher Education in East and Central Europe - a Progress Report - Barbara Sporn: Adaption Processes at Universities: Organizational Implications of a Complex Environment - Jana Hendrichová: Typical Features of Education and Education Reforms in Central Europe - Erich Leitner: The Power of the Professoriate - Politics and Higher Education Reform in Austria - Ireneusz Bialecki: Autonomy of Higher Education Institutions and Reforms - the Polish Case - Elzbieta Wnuk-Lipiñska: Academic Staff Facing a Changing University - Ewa Szemborska: Changes in the Market of Educational Services in Poland - Tamás Kozma: New Challenges of Tertiary Education in East-Central Europe - János Setényi: Policy-Development and Educational Research: The Hungarian Experience - Sonja Kump: Renewal of Higher Education in Slovenia with Special Attention to Quality - Mária Hrabinská: The Progress of Education and Higher Education Reform in Slovakia - Natalia Kovaleva: Intellectual Elite and Population of Russia about Problems of Education and Personnel Training - Igor Folvarochny: Development of Higher Education Reform in the Ukraine - Ioan Neacsu: Higher Education in Romania. The Imperatives of Reform - New Paradigms, New Options, New Strategies - Nickolay B. Popov: Higher Education Reform in Bulgaria.